I am an unreached peoples Advocate

My basic mission is to connect believers and churches to significant disciple making mission among or near unreached people groups, and also to aid in their disciple making, however I can, the church already ministering among or near unreached people groups.

My vision is that in my lifetime the following map will have no red and no yellow, ONLY green, and that all unreached people groups will be reached people groups.  Further I would love to see the gospel flourishing within those groups as well.

Hope (mission & vision)    Community (team w/Kevin)  

Compassion (The unreached peoples) 

  •   The need for hope: Most of the people of Asia are lost. Eternally lost. This includes about 96% of the 1.6 billion peoples in South Asia. And there are more in other places, too! North Africa, sub-saharan Africa, and the middle East have over 1000 people groups unreached with the gospel.  Separated from their creator, broken in this life, and bound for an eternity without God.  And their only hope is in the good news of Jesus.  They need someone with a vision and mission to come to them so they can gain eternal hope.
  •   The need for a community: People who find Jesus need a community around them: the body of Christ.  Likewise, those who are sent and who will go with the gospel need a community of support. None of us can accomplish something so great on our own.  In my work I need a team helping me do this work.  Community (team) members may help me with expertise, funds, prayers, and other ways.  These are real people I know and organizations I am connecting with that make this work possible.
  • In order to go to peoples who are in unreached groups, we need the compassion of Jesus: compassion and caring for lost people a world away starts with Jesus. He cares. So by His grace we take up that compassion. Compassion can be fueled as we understand the great need among the unreached peoples we are seeking to reach with the good news of Jesus.

    This is Bushan. He is with Jesus now, and his tribal people in India is now reached with the gospel, praise God. Pray for Real Hope Ministries reaching out to people like Bushan.

Let’s be a part of bringing eternal hope to the people and unreached peoples of the world.  May Jesus plant His gospel deeply among these peoples.

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