What is my ministry as an unreached peoples advocate?

This page details more about specifics of what my ministry looks like.

As an unreached peoples advocate, I will have at least three roles:

  1. Mobilizer!

What does it mean to be a mobilizer?

Encourage and facilitate US and Internationally located churches and individuals to engage in significant ways with followers of Jesus near or among unreached peoples, in Asia, Mexico, and wherever we can find them.  This will ultimately support the front line work of planting the gospel into unreached cultures and peoples. This will birth the Church of Jesus in their midst.

  • Encouraging and facilitating prayer movements. One way I do this is call churches to pray for unreached peoples and provide prayer materials to help with this.
  • Calling churches and people to welcome internationals who live amongst them
  • Helping churches become going or sending churches
  • Helping people and churches to learn about God’s mission heart for the world: for the last 3 years one of the ways I have done this is by coordinating a Perspectives on the World Christian movement class.
  • Advocate for the organization(s) I am partnering with to churches and individuals that I meet with.
  • Help create healthy ministry partnerships between Church partners amidst unreached peoples, US and international churches, and staff of organizations I am or will be partnering with (such as Operation FLOW,  People International, and Real Hope Ministries). An example of this is helping People International with a work in Mexico (which will include working my partner Operation FLOW and churches we have connection to) to help Mexican nationals become missionaries to central Asian peoples.
  • Take church leaders on vision trips, or mission trips, to locations where I have contacts in or near unreached peoples. They will then explore together ways they might engage in ministry together in their locations, or actually do ministry together. These churches and partners then will be strengthened directly in church planting or in its support, or in other types of church ministry.
  • Identify and recruit staff for church planting, support, or other kinds of ministry for the organizations I am partnering with.  We need missionaries working directly in unreached peoples groups, and also supporting those works.
  • IMAG0328 This picture here is of the town of Tarimoro, Mexico. It is about 0.08% Christian (30 believers in a town of 35,000 peoples). It is an unreached town that Doug and Rebecca Coult and Ricardo and Cristina Ramirez, both of FLOW International, are going to be seeking to bring the gospel to.  An unreached pocket geographically represents a place that needs workers to go to. May we be a help to FLOW international in this work.
  1. Coach!

    What does it mean to be a coach?

  • Coaching and helping churches (in the US or Internationally) to develop missions strategy for their particular church.
  • Coach churches and individuals on healthy ways to engage in ministry in different cultural contexts. This can be done in regards to: ways they might minister, healthy cultural understanding, best practices in church planting.
  • Work with national partners and international staff contacts I have to help with church planting, missionary development, and other ministry (some of this may involve coaching or training, some may simply involve finding resources of various kinds like people who can help them do a profession locally or start a particular type of ministry).
  • Provide support in ways that work with my gifting, and time constraints, to the organizations I am partnering with.
  1. Teacher!

    What does it mean to be a teacher?

  • Teach nationals and churches about missions and God’s heart for the world
  • Teach workers about effective church planting
  • Teach leaders or others about effective Bible study for good preaching and teaching
  • Teach anyone who will listen about unreached peoples and their need for the good news of Jesus!

Will you join us to help reach unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus?

Join me in seeking Jesus to change their lives for eternity. Will you become a financial partner with me &/or prayer partner?