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Did you ever wonder why almost all bandages (of the band-aid sort) are simply an off white color?  What if someone with darker skin tones wants to buy a bandage that will more closely match their skin tone? Well now they can. With Tru-Colour Bandages.

All peoples of the world need Jesus, and that means all of the various skin tones belong to peoples that He loves deeply.  Tru-Colour Bandages are a way to respect and honour the colours that God put into mankind’s 16,000 plus ethnic groups.

You can read the story the CEO of Tru-Colour Bandages tells for why he developed them here: Why Tru?

If you would like to work with us to more broadly make Tru-Colour Bandages available to the world, email me at  or  go to this page to contact Tru-Colour Bandages directly at Tru-Colour Bandages Contact