urpeoples.net is the internet site of the ministry of KT Mat (parts of my full name). This site has various resources and links to help you in making disciples of all peoples. It also has a blog of mine. See the tabs at the top to find what’s here.

This site is also offered in hopes of helping followers of Jesus find their niche or place in serving Jesus to the ends of the earth (start with these possibilities: going in many different ways, like church planter, Bible translator, or supporting others who are also going, with skills or other help that puts you behind the scenes; sending and all that involves; praying; mobilizing others to do their part; welcoming people from other places;  and even simply learning about missions).  We are ALL called to make disciples of all peoples (see Matthew 28:18-20), but we have different roles in this, different giftings.  But we can ALL pray, and we can all encourage each other to do all we can in the strength the Lord Jesus provides (See Colossians 1:28-29) to bring His gospel to all peoples. So, find your niche in Jesus’ worldwide mission. I hope this site helps you.

If you would like to sign up for the Newsletter of KT Mat, you can do so here:

You will be considered a ministry partner with KT, but that doesn’t obligate you to anything.  What you do in your side of the partnership is up to you and how you want to steward the resources God has given and gives to you: your time, your gifts, your finances, your skills, and all that you have and are.  I would appreciate a prayer partnership at least if you choose to receive the Newsletter, but again, that is up to you.

As a partner with me in this ministry I commit to you to:

  • do my part as an Unreached peoples Advocate, as best as I can as God enables me
  • help/serve you in your relationship with the Lord however God enables me
  • be praying for you
  • answer questions you have of me.

If you would like to contact me, please email me at ktmatt1962@urpeoples.net