This can be very important and so worth the low cost to cover yourself or your family or team while away from your home country. Depending on who you are and where you are going and for what purposes, check out the options here.

  1.  If you are an American or Canadien, and don’t mind your name associated with a “Mission” related company, check out Go Mission Trip . They work with companies that provide low cost health insurance for travel, and more!  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS, PLEASE CALL JOYCE AT THE NUMBER PROVIDED ON THE GO MISSION TRIP PAGE.

When I went to Mexico in July 2016, I checked with my American provider (Oregon Health Plan) and they DO NOT cover in Mexico. So it was really easy to spend a little bit to cover myself while I was out of the country.  As someone who takes lots of mission trips, why had I never really thought of this before? WOW. What a great thing.  They offer lots of benefits. And the cost is minimal to have some coverage when you are away from home and away from where your existing plan will cover you.

2.  If you are not an American or Canadien, or simply don’t want your name associated with a “mission” related company (for whatever reason- security included), then Squaremouth through this link is the option for you.  click here to purchase travel insurance through Squaremouth