I want to point you to whatever resources will help you accomplish God’s purposes in and through you that unreached peoples will find Jesus.

Books, cd’s, videos, scriptures in other languages, the list goes on.

See the Resources tab to find other resources that may be of help to you in your mission with Jesus to the world.

We each have a niche to find for Jesus in his world-wide purposes.

Here is a page to get you started on some missional books. It’s at

Another page for books and other resources is William Carey Library

Here is a spot at Joshua Project that could lead to some material

Here is some media at Joshua Project that could be helpful

This is the feed of my favorites at my Twitter account. This can be a source of much information and all kinds of helpful things. Just so you know, I do not agree with all the theology of the people tweeting on my timeline; but I still may favorite a tweet they posted.  Take it all to Scripture.