March – Prayer for some unreached peoples of China and India

March – Focus our prayers on 40 of the unreached peoples of China and 70 in India over 100,000 in number of people in the group.For daily prayer, you can see each group over 100,000 in number (where a picture is available) and learn about them as you pray.  God bless you as you pray for the unreached peoples of these two countries.For those interested in praying for the rest of the people groups, I have provided a link to the smaller unreached peoples of these two very large nations, (together almost 2.5 Billion people- over a 3rd of the whole world!) under a certain size with one click.

We will not finish this month praying for China and India: they are too large.  China will take 3 months to pray for, and India will take 6 months of prayer.

The rest of the Unreached peoples of China (under 100,000 in number)

The rest of the unreached peoples of India (under 100,000 in number)- 1st page of four

March 1: Akha people of China  Amdo, Hbrogpa of China  Amdo, Rongmahbrogpa of China
Amdo, Rongpa of China

March 2:  Aoka of China   Bouyei of China   Bunu of China   Buriat, Chinese of China

March 3:  Chuanqing of China   Daur of China   Dong, Northern of China   Dong, Southern of China

March 4:  Dongnu of China   Dongxiang of China   Ge of China   Gelao of China

March 5:  Ghao-Xong, Eastern of China   Ghao-Xong, Western, of China   Giay, Nhang of China
Golog of China

March 6:  Hakka OF China   Han Chinese, Dan of China   Han Chinese, Shaozhou of China
Han Chinese, Waxiang of China

March 7:  Han Chinese, Xiang of China   Hani of China   Hmong Leng of China   Hmong Shuad of China

March 8:  Hmu, Eastern of China   Hmu, Northern of China   Hmu, Southern of China   Hongjin Tai of China

March 9:  Hui people of China   Iu Mien of China   Iu Mien, Hunan of China   Jiarong, Situ of China

March 10: Kalmyk, Torgut of China   Kazakh of China   Khampa, Eastern of China
Khampa, Northern people of China

March 11:  Ad Dharmi of India   Agamudaiyan of India   Agaria, Hindu of India   Agri people of India

March 12:  Aguri of India   Ahar of India   Aheria of India   Ahom of India

March 13:  Amat of India   Ambalavasi of India   Andh of India   Ansari of India

March 14:  Arain, Hindu of India   Arain, Muslim of India   Arakh of India  Arayan of India

March 15:  Arora, Hindu of India   Arora, Sikh of India   Arunthathiyar of India   Assamese Muslim of India

March 16:  Badaga of India   Badhai, Hindu of India   Badhai, Muslim of India   Bagata of India

March 17:  Bagdi of India   Bagdi, Wagdi of India   Baghban, Hindu of India   Bahelia, Hindu of India

March 18: Bahna, Hindu of India   Baidya, Hindu of India   Baiga of India   Bairagi, Hindu of India

March 19:     Bairwa of India   Balai, Hindu of India   Balija, Hindu of India   Bania of India

March 20:  Bania, Agarwal of India   Bania, Agrahari of India   Bania, Ajudhyabansi of India
Bania, Bais of India

March 21: Bania, Barahseni of India   Bania, Bijabargi of India   Bania, Chetti of India

March 22:  Bania, Dhusar of India   Bania, Gahoi of India   Bania, Gandha Banik people of India

March 23:  Bania, Gujar people of India   Bania, Jaiswal of India   Bania, Kasarwani of India

March 24:  Bania, Kasaundhan of India   Bania, Khandelwal of India   Bania, Khatri of India

March 25: Bania, Komti of India   Bania, Lad of India   Bania, Mahajan of India

March 26:  Bania, Mahesri of India   Bania, Mahur of India   Bania, Modh of India

March 27: Bania, Nima of India   Bania, Oswal of India  Bania, Porwal of India

March 28: Bania, Rauniar of India   Bania, Saraogi of India   Bania, Srimali of India

March 29:  Bania, Subarna Banik people of India   Bania, Ummad people of India

March 30: Banijiga people of India   Banjara, Muslim people of India

March 31:   Bantar people of India        Baori people of India

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