January – Pray for the peoples of Japan, nearby places, and the world outside the 10/40 window

January – Focus our prayers on the people Japan, Philippines, North Korea, Taiwan, and the rest of the world that is outside the 10/40 window that includes large unreached people groups.

To help us in our prayers I have provided a link to all the unreached peoples of these nations under various sizes with one click. I have also added a certain number of people groups each day so you can see them (where a picture is available) and learn about them as you pray.  You can choose which way you would prefer to approach praying for these peoples.  God bless you as you pray for the unreached peoples of these countries.

Unreached peoples of Japan under 1000           UPs of Belgium under 100,000
Unreached peoples of the Philippines under 1000     UPs of Bulgaria under 100,000
All people groups of North Korea  UPs of Canada under 100,000
UPs of Cyprus under 100,000    Unreached peoples of Taiwan under 1000
One UP of Argentina under 100,000  UPs of Australia under 100,000  UPs of Austria under 100,000
UPs of France under 100,000 people   UPs of Germany under 100,000  UPs of Greece under 100,000
UPs of Italy under 100,000   UPs of Netherlands under 100,000   UPs of Spain over 100,000
UPs of Switzerland under 100,000   UPs of United Kingdom under 100,000
UPs in United States under 100,000

January 1: Japanese people of Japan   Okinawan, Ryukyuan, Central of Japan  Arab, Moroccan of Belgium

January 2:  Amami-Oshima, Northern of Japan   Amami-Oshima, Southern of Japan   Bengali of Japan

Jan. 3:  Judeo-Japanese of Japan     Kikai of Japan   Kunigami of Japan
Jan. 4:  Malay of Japan   Miyako, Ryukyuan, Southern of Japan  Oki-No-Erabu of Japan

Jan. 5:  Okinawan, Ryukyuan, Central of Japan   Persian people of Japan   Punjabi of Japan

Jan. 6:  Thai, Central of Japan   Toku-no-shima of Japan   Yaeyama of Japan

Jan. 7:  Arab of Philippines   Badjao, Bajau of Philippines   Indo-Pakistani of Philippines

Jan. 8:  Indonesian of Philippines   Iranun of Philippines   Jama Mapun, Bajau Kagayan of Philippines

Jan. 9:  Japanese of Philippines   Kalagan of Philippines   Kolibugan, Subanon of Philippines

January 10: Maguindanao, Maginda of Philippines   Mandaya, Karaga of Philippines
Maranao, Lanao of Philippines

January 11:  Molbog people of Philippines  Sama Bangingi, North of Philippines
Sama Pangutaran of Philippines

Jan. 12:  Sama Southern of Philippines  Tausug, Moro Joloano of Philippines  Yakan, Yacan of Philippines

Jan. 13:  Turk people in Bulgaria  Han Chinese, Mandarin in North Koriea  Korean people of North Korea

Jan. 14:  Mongol, Khalka people of North Korea  Hindi people in Canada
Jew, English Speaking in Canada

Jan. 15:  Punjabi people in Canada  Cypriots, Turkish of Cyprus  Han Chinese, Hakka of Taiwan

Jan. 16:  Han Chinese, Holo of Taiwan  Hui people of Taiwan  Japanese in Taiwan

Jan. 17:  Malay in Taiwan   Mongol, Khalka of Taiwan   Thai, Central people of Taiwan

Jan. 18: Jewish people in Argentina   Jewish people in Australia   Bosniak people in Austria

Jan.19:  Turk people in Austria   Algerian, Arabic-speaking people in France  Arab, Moroccan in France

January 20:  Arab, Tunisian in France   Bambara in France  Berber, Imazighen in France

January 21: Berber, Kabyle in France   Berber, Riffian in France   Jew, French of France

Jan. 22:  Shawiya people in France   Turk people in France   Algerian, Arabic-speaking in Germany

Jan. 23:  Bosniak in Germany   Kurd, Kurmanji in Germany  Turk people in Germany

Jan. 24:  Turk people in Greece  Arab, North African  in Italy   Arab, Moroccan in the Netherlands

Jan. 25: Berber, Rifi in the Netherlands  Sarnami Hindi, East in Netherlands  Turk in the Netherlands

Jan. 26:  Arab, Maghrebi people in Spain   Bengali, Bangla-Bhasa in the UK  Gujarati people in the UK

Jan. 27: Hindi people in the United Kingdom (UK)   Jewish people in the UK   Kashmiri people in the UK

Jan. 28: Punjabi people in the UK   Punjabi, Western people in the UK   Sylhetti Bengali in the UK

Jan. 29:  Urdu people in the UK  Bengali people in the United States (US)  Bosniak people in the US

January 30:Gujar in the US   Jewish people in the US  Jew, Eastern Yiddish in the US  Jew, Israeli in US

January 31:  Jew, Russian in the US   Khmer, Cambodian in the US   Lao, Laotian Tai in the US
Thai, Central people in the US   Urdu people in the US

These two maps from WorldAtlas.com

Map of Asian Countries

world atlas