February – Pray for the unreached peoples of Indonesia and SE Asia

 February – Focus our prayers on the unreached peoples of Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos over 100,000 in number of people in the group.
To help us in our prayers I have provided a link to all the unreached peoples of these nations over a certain size with one click. I have also added a certain number of people groups each day so you can see them (where a picture is available) and learn about them as you pray.  You can choose which way you would prefer to approach praying for these peoples.  God bless you as you pray for the unreached peoples of these countries.
Unreached peoples of Indonesia over 100,000   UP’s of Cambodia over 100,000
Unreached peoples of Malaysia over 100,000    UP’s of Vietnam over 100,000 people
Unreached peoples of Burma (Myanmar) over 100,000    UP’s of Thailand over 100,000 people
Unreached peoples of Laos over 100,000 peopleFebruary 1: Hmong Njua, Blue of Laos   Hmong, White of Laos   Katang of Laos   Lao of Laos
Lao Phuan of Laos   Phu Thai of Laos

February 2:  So people of Laos   Tai Lue of Laos   Thai, Central of Laos  Aceh people of Indonesia
Arab, generic of Indonesia   Bajau of Indonesia

Feb. 3:  Bakumpai of Indonesia   Balinese of Indonesia   Bangka of Indonesia   Banjar of Indonesia
Belitung of Indonesia   Besemah of Indonesia

Feb. 4:  Betawi  of Indonesia   Bugis of Indonesia   Dayak, Pasir of Indonesia   Duri of Indonesia
Enim of Indonesia

Feb. 5:  Gayo of Indonesia   Gorontalo of Indonesia   Han Chinese, Min Nan of Indonesia
Jambi of Indonesia   Java Banten of Indonesia   Java Banyumasan of Indonesia

Feb. 6:  Java Mancanegari of Indonesia   Java Osing, Banyuwangi of Indonesia
Java Pesisir Kulon of Indonesia   Java Pesisir Lor of Indonesia   Java Serang of Indonesia

Feb. 7:  Kaili Ledo of Indonesia   Kangean of Indonesia   Kerinci of Indonesia   Komering of Indonesia
Konjo Coastal of Indonesia   Konjo Pegunungan of Indonesia

Feb. 8:  Kota Bangun Kutai of Indonesia   Kutai of Indonesia   Lampung Abung of Indonesia
Lampung Pesisir of Indonesia   Lampung Pubian of Indonesia   Land Dayak, Sanggau  of Indonesia

Feb. 9:  Lematang of Indonesia   Lembak of Indonesia   Lintang of Indonesia   Luwu of Indonesia
Madura of Indonesia   Makassar of Indonesia

February 10: Malay of Indonesia   Malay, Ketapang of Indonesia    Malay, Papuan of Indonesia
Malay, Pontianak of Indonesia   Malay, Riau of Indonesia

February 11:  Malay, Sambas of Indonesia   Malay, Sumatera Utar of Indonesia   Mandailing of Indonesia
Mandar of Indonesia   Mbojo of Indonesia

Feb. 12:  Minangkabau, Padang of Indonesia   Muna of Indonesia   Musi of Indonesia   Ogan of Indonesia
Palembang of Indonesia

Feb. 13:  Pasemah of Indonesia  Pegagan of Indonesia   Penesak of Indonesia   Rambang of Indonesia
Rawas of Indonesia

Feb. 14:  Rejang of Indonesia   Sasak of Indonesia   Selayar, Salajarese of Indonesia
Semendo of Indonesia   Serawai of Indonesia

Feb. 15:  Sumbawa of Indonesia   Sunda of Indonesia   Tolaki, Konawe of Indonesia   Wolio of Indonesia
Cham, Western, Cambodian people of Cambodia

Feb. 16:  Han Chinese, Cantonese people of Cambodia   Han Chinese, Mandarin of Cambodia
Han Chinese, Teochew of Cambodia   Kampuchea Krom of Cambodia   Khmer, Central of Cambodia

Feb. 17:  Indonesian people in Malaysia   Malay, East Malaysia of Malaysia  Malay, Kedah of Malaysia
Malay, Peninsular of Malaysia   Malay, Riau of Malaysia

Feb. 18: Mamak of Malaysia    Melanau, Belanau of Malaysia   Minangkabau, Orang Negeri of Malaysia
Nepalese people in Malaysia   Orang Pantai Timur of Malaysia

Feb.19:  Sama, Southern of Malaysia   Tausug, Sulu of Malaysia   Khmer, Central people of Vietnam
Han Chinese, Cantonese people of Vietnam   Han Chinese, Mandarin of Vietnam

February 20:  Kim Mun people of Vietnam   Lao people of Vietnam   Muong of Vietnam
Nung, Highland Nung of Vietnam   San Diu of Vietnam

February 21: Tai Daeng, Red Tai of Vietnam   Tai Dam, Black Tai of Vietnam   Tay of Vietnam
Tai Don, White Tai of Vietnam   Burmese people of Burma (Myanmar)

Feb. 22:  Bengali  people of Burma   Chaungtha of Burma   Han Chinese, Cantonese in Burma
Han Chinese, Mandarin in Burma   Hindi of Burma

Feb. 23:  Karen, Black, Pa-O of Burma   Mon, Talaing of Burma   Nepali, generic in Burma
Orisi of Burma   Palaung, Golden, Shwe of Burma

Feb. 24:  Palaung, Rumai of Burma   Palaung, Silver, Pal of Burma   Rakhine, Arakanese of Burma
Rohingya of Burma   Shan of Burma

Feb. 25: Tai Khun of Burma   Tai Lue of Burma   Yangbye, Yangye of Burma
Isan, Northeastern Thai of Thailand   Kui, Kuay, Suei of Thailand

Feb. 26:  Khmer, Northern of Thailand   Lao Phuan of Thailand   Malay, Melaju of Thailand
Malay, Pattani of Thailand   Mon, Talaing of Thailand

Feb. 27: Phu Thai of Thailand   Thai Islam, Central of Thailand   Thai Islam, Southern of Thailand
Thai, Central of Thailand

Feb. 28: Thai, Khorat of Thailand   Thai, Northern of Thailand   Thai, Southern of Thailand

Leap year: Feb 29:  pray for NE India, Bangladesh, and Uganda and all the peoples there- God knows who they are!

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Map of Asian Countries