April – Pray for some more unreached peoples of China and India

April – We continue to focus our prayers on 40 of the unreached peoples of China and 70 in India over 100,000 in number of people in the group.For daily prayer, you can see each group over 100,000 in number (where a picture is available) and learn about them as you pray.  God bless you as you pray for the unreached peoples of these two countries.For those interested in praying for the rest of the people groups, I have provided a link to the smaller unreached peoples of these two very large nations, (together almost 2.5 Billion people- over a 3rd of the whole world!) under a certain size with one click.We will not finish this month praying for China and India: they are too large.  China will take 3 months to pray for, and India will take 6 months of prayer.The rest of the Unreached peoples of China (under 100,000 in number)

The rest of the unreached peoples of India (under 100,000 in number)- 2nd page of four

April 1: Khampa, Western people of China   Kim Mun of China   Kyrgyz of China
Laba of China

April 2: Laluo, Mishaba of China   Lami of China   Li, Ha of China   Li, Qi of China

April 3:  Lingao of China   Lipo, Western of China   Luoluopo, Central of China
Luoluopo, Western of China

April 4:  Manchu of China   Miao, Enshi of China   Miao, Guiyang Northern of China   Miao, Hua of China

April 5:  Miao, Huishui Northern of China  Miao, Mashan Central of China   Mongol of China
Mulao of China

April 6: Nanjingren people of China   Nasu, Panxian of China   Nasu, Southern of China   Naxi of China

April 7:  Nisu, Jianshui of China   Nisu, Xinping of China   Nisu, Yuanyang of China  Nosu, Butuo of China

April 8:  Nosu, Shengzha of China   Nosu, Tianba of China   Nosu, Xiaoliangshan of China
Nosu, Yinuo of China

April 9:  Nung, Highland Nung people of China   Pingdi of China   Poluo of China  Salar of China

April 10: Sani of China   She of China   Shui of China   Subei people of China

April 11:  Barahar people of India   Bari, Hindu of India   Baria, Hindu of India   Basor people of India

April 12:   Bathudi of India   Bauri of India   Bawaria, Hindu of India   Bazigar, Hindu of India

April 13:  Bazigar, Sikh of India    Beda Jangam of India    Bedar, Hindu of India   Bedia, Hindu of India

April 14:  Beldar, Hindu of India    Bhandari of India    Bhangi, Muslim of India   Bhansala of India

April 15:  Bhar of India   Bharbhunja, Hindu of India   Bharia Bhumia of India   Bhat, Hindu of India

April 16:  Bhat, Muslim of India  Bhathiara, Muslim of India   Bhatia, Hindu of India   Bhattra of India

April 17:  Bhil of India   Bhisti of India   Bhogta of India   Bhoi, Hindu of India

April 18: Bhotia, Buddhist of India    Bhotia, Sikkim of India   Bhoyar of India   Bhuinhar of India

April 19:    Bhuinmali  of India   Bhuiya of India   Bhulia of India   Bhumij of India

April 20:  Biar, Hindu of India   Bidur of India   Bind of India      Bishnoi of India

April 21: Bohra of India   Boya of India    Brahman people of India

April 22:  Brahman, Audich of India   Brahman, Bengali of India   Brahman, Bhagor people of India

April 23: Brahman, Bhumihar people of India   Brahman, Chaturvedi of India   Brahman, Chitpavan of India

April 24:  Brahman, Dakaut of India   Brahman, Dakshini of India   Brahman, Deshastha of India

April 25:   Brahman, Dravida of India   Brahman, Gaud Saraswat of India   Brahman, Gaur of India

April 26:    Brahman, Gujar Gaur of India   Brahman, Gujarati of India   Brahman, Halbani of India

April 27:   Brahman, Haryana of India   Brahman, Iyer of India   Brahman, Jijhotia of India

April 28:   Brahman, Joshi of India   Brahman, Jyoti of India   Brahman, Kanaujia of India

April 29: Brahman, Kannada of India   Brahman, Kashmiri Pandit of India   Brahman, Khandelwal of India

April 30:  Brahman, Maha of India   Brahman, Mahratta of India   Brahman, Marathi of India

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