September – Focus our prayers on the people of western Asia and Russia

September – Focus our prayers on the people of western Asia and Russia: of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

Sometimes people in one country are also in another; it is the same people group, but in a different country.  They may have all the same language, culture, etc, but the one difference they do have is the country in which they reside.

To add options for your prayers I have provided a link to the unreached peoples of these nations numbering less than 100,000 in the group with one click. I have also added a certain number of people groups for daily prayer that are over 100,000 in number; you can see them (where a picture is available) and learn about them as you pray.  God bless you as you pray for the unreached peoples of these 8 countries.

The Unreached Peoples of Pakistan under 100,000

Unreached Peoples of Afghanistan under 100,000

Unreached peoples of Tajikistan under 100,000

Unreached peoples of Uzbekistan under 100,000

Unreached peoples of Kyrgyzstan under 100,000

Unreached peoples of Turkmenistan under 100,000

Unreached peoples of Kazakhstan under 100,000

Unreached peoples of Russia under 100,000

September 1:  Ansari of Pakistan    Muslim Arain of Pakistan    Muslim Arora of Pakistan
Muslim Awan of Pakistan   Muslim Baghban of Pakistan

September 2:  Muslim Bahna of Pakistan    Bugti Baloch of Pakistan    Chandia Baloch of Pakistan
Eastern Baloch of Pakistan    Gopang Baloch of Pakistan

Sept. 3:  Lashari Baloch of Pakistan   Rakhshani Baloch of Pakistan    Rind Baloch of Pakistan
Rind Khosa Baloch of Pakistan    Muslim Barwala of Pakistan

Sept. 4:  Bashkar of Pakistan    Muslim Bhathiara of Pakistan    Bhil people of Pakistan
Jhalawan Brahui of Pakistan    Kur Galli Brahui of Pakistan

Sept. 5:  Original Nuc Brahui of Pakistan    Sarawan Brahui of Pakistan    Burusho of Pakistan
Muslim Chamar of Pakistan    Changar people of Pakistan

Sept. 6:  Chhimba, Muslim   Darzada    Darzi, Muslim   Dhobi, Muslim  Dhund  all in Pakistan

Sept. 7:  Gujjars    Gujuri Rajasthani    Hajam     Hazara    Jat, Bajwa, Muslim    all in Pakistan

Sept. 8:  Jat, Chhaddar, Muslim   Jat, Chima, Muslim   Jat, Dhillon   Jat, Gahlot, Muslim   Jat, Gil, Muslim

Sept. 9:  Jat, Kharral, Muslim   Jat, Muslim    Jat, Sidhu, Muslim   Jat, Sindhu, Muslim   Jat, Varaich, Muslim

September 10: Jat, Virk, Muslim  Jatt, Muslim   Jhinwar, Muslim   Kahar, Muslim   Kamboh, Muslim

September 11:  Karal, Muslim    Kashmiri    Khatri, Muslim   Khoja    Kumhar, Muslim

Sept. 12:  Lassi   Lohar, Muslim   Machhi, Muslim   Mahtam, Muslim   Maliar  all in Pakistan

Sept. 13:  Mallah   Memon   Meo   Mirasi, Muslim   Mochi   all are peoples in Pakistan

Sept. 14:  Moghal   Mohajir Muslim   Mussali   Pashtun, Northern   Pinjara  all peoples of Pakistan

Sept. 15:  Qassab   Rajput, Gondal   Rajput, Muslim    Rajput, Satti   Rajput, Sial  people of Pakistan

Sept. 16:  Sayyid   Shaikh    Sindhi Khaikheli    Sindhi Mohana   Sindhi Sama  peoples of Pakistan

Sept. 17:  Sindhi Samon    Sindhi Sumra    Sonar, Muslim    Sudhan    Tanaoli    peoples of Pakistan

Sept. 18: Tarkhan, Muslim   Teli, Muslim    Ulema, Muslim    Vaddar, Muslim of Pakistan

Sept.19:  Afghani, Tajik of Afghanistan  Aimaq, Char of Afghanistan  Aimaq, Firozkohi  of Afghanistan   Aimaq, Hazara   of Afghanistan  Aimaq, Jamshidi  of Afghanistan

September 20:  Aimaq, Taimani   Aimaq, Timuri    Baloch, Western   Brahui, Kur Galli     Hazara
all peoples of Afghanistan

September 21: Pashayi, Southwest     Pashtun, Southern      Persian      Turkmen, Turkomani
Uzbek, Southern all peoples of Afghanistan

Sept. 22:  Tajik people of Tajikistan   Uzbek, Northern people of Tajikistan   Karakalpak, Black Hat people of Uzbekistan    Kazakh people of Uzbekistan   Kyrgyz people of Uzbekistan

Sept.23:  Tajik people of Uzbekistan    Tatar  people of Uzbekistan     Tatar, Crimean people of Uzbekistan      Turk, Meskhetian  people of Uzbekistan   Turkmen, Turkoman of Uzbekistan

Sept. 24:  Uzbek, Northern of Uzbekistan    Kyrgyz people of Kyrgyzstan   Uzbek, Northern people of Kyrgyzstan   Kazakh people of Turkmenistan    Turkmen, Trukhmeny of Turkmenistan

Sept. 25:  Uzbek, Northern of Turkmenistan  Kazakh of Kazakhstan   Tatar of Kazakhstan
Uyghur, Kashgar Turki of Kazakhstan

Sept. 26:  Uzbek, Northern of Kazakhstan  Adyghe people of Russia  Avar, Dagestani of Russia  Azerbaijani, North people of Russia

Sept. 27: Chechen, Nohchi    Darginian, Dargwa    Ingush, Galgai   Jew, Russian all peoples of Russia

Sept. 28: Kalmyk-Oirat, Western Mongul    Karachai, Alan     Kazakh    Kumyk, Kumuk of Russia

Sept. 29:  Lak, Laki    Lezgian, Lezghi    Tabassaran, Ghumghum     Tajik   peoples of Russia

September 30: Tatar   Tuvinian, Uriankhai    Uzbek, Northern  all peoples of Russia

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