October – Our prayers turn to the Middle East and some of Eastern Europe

October – Focus our prayers on the people of the Middle East and some of Eastern Europe – (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Bulgaria, Syria, Lebanon, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Serbia, Hungary.)

To help in our prayers I have provided a link to all the unreached peoples of these nations over a certain size with one click. I have also added a certain number of people groups each day so you can see them (where a picture is available) and learn about them as you pray.  You can choose which way you would prefer to approach praying for these peoples.  God bless you as you pray for the unreached peoples of these 24 countries.

Unreached peoples over 100,000 in IRAN     Unreached peoples >100,000 in Saudi Arabia
Oman’s unreached peoples over 100,000       Yemen’s unreached peoples over 100,000
Qatar’s unreached peoples over 100,000       Bahrain’s u.p.’s over 100,000
Jordan’s u.p.’s over 100,000     Turkey’s u.p.’s over 100,000   Israel’s u.p.’s over 100,000
Georgia’s one u.p. over 100,000   Azerbaijan’s u.p.’s over 100,000   Iraq’s u.p.’s over 100,000
Bulgaria’s one u.p. over 100,000   Syria’s u.p.’s over 100,000   Lebanon’s u.p.’s over 100,000
Ukraine’s one u.p. over 100,000   Serbia’s one u.p. over 100,000   Armenia’s u.p.’s over 10,000
Romania’s u.p.’s over 10,000   Belarus’s u.p.’s over 10,000   Latvia’s u.p.’s over 1000
Estonia’s u.p.’s over 1000   Moldova’s u.p.’s over 1000   Hungary’s u.p.’s over 1000

October 1:  Afghani, Tajik people of Iran   Afshari people of Iran   Aimaq, Timuri people of Iran
Arab, Gulf people of Iran   Arab, Iranian people of Iran    Azeri Turk people of Iran

October 2:  Bakhtiari of Iran   Baloch, Southern  of Iran   Baloch, Western of Iran   Gilaki of Iran
Gypsy, Domari of Iran

Oct. 3:  Hazara of Iran   Khorasani Turk of Iran   Kurd, Kurmanji of Iran   Kurd, Sorani of Iran
Kurd, Southern of Iran

Oct. 4:  Laki people of Iran   Larestani, Lari of Iran   Luri, Northern of Iran  Luri, Southern of Iran
Mamasani of Iran

Oct. 5:  Mazanderani of Iran   Parsee of Iran   Pashtun, Southern of Iran   Persian people of Iran
Qashqai, Kashkai of Iran

Oct. 6:  Shahsavani of Iran   Takistani of Iran   Talysh, Talish of Iran   Turkmen, Turkomani of Iran
Arab, Bedouin people of Saudi Arabia

Oct. 7:  Arab, Omani people of Saudi Arabia   Arab, Saudi of Saudi Arabia   Arab, Saudi – Hijazi of S.A.
Arab, Saudi – Najdi of Saudi Arabia   Arab, Sudanese people of Saudi Arabia

Oct. 8:  Arab, Tihami of Saudi Arabia   Arab, Yemeni  of Saudi Arabia   Hindi of Saudi Arabia
Persian of Saudi Arabia   Punjabi of Saudi Arabia

Oct. 9:  Urdu of Saudi Arabia   Arab, Gulf people of Oman   Arab, Omani of Oman
Baloch, Southern of Oman   Bengali of Oman

October 10: Akhdam, Arabized Blacks of Yemen   Arab, Hadrami of Yemen   Arab, Omani of Yemen
Arab, Southern Yemen of Yemen   Arab, Sudanese of Yemen

October 11:  Arab, Tihami of Yemen   Indo-Pakistani of Yemen   Socotran of Yemen   Somali of Yemen

Oct. 12:  Yemeni, Northern of Yemen   Arab, Qatar of Qatar  Persian of Qatar   Urdu people of Qatar

Oct. 13:  Arab, Bahraini of Bahrain   Persian of Bahrain   Adyghe, Kabardian of Jordan
Arab, Bedouin of Jordan

Oct. 14:  Arab, Iraqi of Jordan  Arab, Jordanian of Jordan   Arab, Palestinian of Jordan   Adyghe of Turkey

Oct. 15:  Adyghe, Kabardian of Turkey   Arab, Iraqi of Turkey   Arab, Lebanese of Turkey
Azerbaijani, Azeri Turk of Turkey

Oct. 16:  Balkan Gagauz Turkish of Turkey   Kurd, Kurmanji  of Turkey   Kurd, Turkish-Speaking of Turkey
Laz, Lazuri  of Turkey

Oct. 17:  Persian of Turkey  Pomak of Turkey   Turk of Turkey   Zaza-Alevica of Turkey

Oct. 18: Zaza-Dimli of Turkey   Bedouin of Israel   Druze of Israel   Jew, Eastern Yiddish of Israel

Oct.19:  Jew, Hungarian of Isrrael   Jew, Israeli, Sabra of Israel   Jew, Maghrebi of Israel
Jew, Polish of Israel

October 20:  Jew, Romanian of Israel  Jew, Russian of Israel   Jew, Spanish of Israel
Yahudic, Judeo-Iraqi of Israel

October 21: Azerbaijani, North people of Georgia   Azerbaijani, Azeri Turks of Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani, North of Azerbaijan    Lezgian people of Azerbaijan

Oct. 22:  Arab, Iraqi of Iraq  Arab, Najdi Bedouin of Iraq    Azerbaijani, Azeri Turk of Iraq
Kurd, Kurmanji of Iraq

Oct. 23:  Kurd, Sorani of Iraq  Persian of Iraq   Turkmen of Iraq   Turk people of Bulgaria

Oct. 24:  Alawite of Syria   Arab, Najdi Bedouin of Syria   Arab, Syrian of Syria   Druze of Syria

Oct. 25: Kurd, Kurmanji of Syria  Turkmen, Turkoman of Syria  Alawite of Lebanon
Arab, Palestinian of Lebanon

Oct. 26:  Druze of Lebanon  Tatar, Crimean people of Ukraine  Bosniak people of Serbia
Azerbaijani, North of Armenia

Oct. 27: Kurd, Kurmanji of Armenia  Chinese, generic of Romania  Nogai, Nogay of Romania
Pomak of Romania
Oct. 28: Tatar, Crimean of Romania  Turk of Romania  Jew, Eastern Yiddish of Belarus Tatar of Belarus

Oct. 29:  Azerbaijani, North of Latvia  Jew, Latvian of Latvia  Tatar of Latvia
Jew, Eastern Yiddish of Estonia

October 30: Tatar of Estonia   Azerbaijani, North of Moldova  Jew, Eastern Yiddish of Moldova
Tatar of Moldova

October 31:  Tatar, Crimean of Moldova  Turk of Moldova  Uzbek, Northern of Moldova
Bosniak of Hungary  Jew, Hungarian of Hungary

These two maps are from WorldAtlas.com

Middle East Map, Middle East Countries, Map of Middle East

Map of European Countries