November – Praying for Eastern Africa

November – Focus our prayers on the people of Eastern and Northeastern Africa- (Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea, Rwanda, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea).  Sudan has now been slpit into 2 countries, one northern and one southern.
God bless you as you pray for unreached peoples in these countries.
Unreached people of Sudan under 500,000 people   Unreached peoples of Ethiopia under 500,000
Unreached peoples of Egypt under 500,000 people   Democractic Republic of Congo’s UP  under 50,000
Uganda’s UP under 50,000 people   Unreached peoples of Kenya under 500,000 
Unreached peoples of Somalia under 500,000   Unreached peoples of Eritrea under 500,000
UP’s of Tanzania under 500,000  UP’s of Mozambique under 500,000
UP’s of South Africa under 500,000   1 UP of Rwanda under 20,000
3 UP’s of Zambia under 30,000   1 UP of Equitorial Guinnea under 30,000
UP’s of Angola over 1000   UP’s of Zimbabwe under 20000   1 UP of Congo under 10000
UP’s of Gabon over 1000   South Sudan Unreached peoples over 1000 in number
November 1:  Arab, Maghrebi of Sudan  Awlad Hassan of Sudan  Baggara, Habbania of Sudan Baggara, Messiria of Sudan   Ageer of South Sudan

November 2:  Batahin of Sudan  Bederia of Sudan  Beja, Bedawi of Sudan  Berti of Sudan Arab, Mongallese of South Sudan

Nov. 3:  Birgid, Arabized of Sudan  Burun, Arabized of Sudan  Dar Hamid of Sudan
Fezara, Juhayna of Sudan   Banda, Togbo-Vara of South Sudan

Nov. 4:  Fulani, Sudanese of Sudan  Fur, Forok of Sudan  Gawamaa, Jawamaa of Sudan
Gimma, Jam’a of Sudan     Jumjum of South Sudan

Nov. 5:  Koma, Central of South Sudan   Guhayna of Sudan  Hamar of Sudan  Hasania of Sudan Hausa of Sudan

Nov. 6: Maaban of South Sudan   Hawawir of Sudan  Husseinat of Sudan  Kababish of Sudan Kanuri, Yerwa of Sudan

Nov. 7:  Narim, Lariminit of South Sudan    Kawahia, Fezara of Sudan  Kimr, Gimr of Sudan
Lahawin of Sudan  Maalia of Sudan

Nov. 8:  Njalgulgule of South Sudan    Masalit of Sudan  Mimi, Amdang of Sudan
Nubian, Dongolawi of Sudan    Nubian, Fedicca-Mohas  of Sudan

Nov. 9:  Nyiman, Ama of Sudan  Nyimang, Arabized of Sudan     Tennet of South Sudan
Rashaida of Sudan  Rizeigat of Sudan

November 10: Rufaa, Rufaiyin of Sudan  Shaikia, Arabized of Sudan  Sherifi of Sudan  Shukria of Sudan

November 11:  Tira, Arabized of Sudan  Tungur of Sudan  Yazeed of Sudan
Zaghawa, Arabized people of Sudan

Nov. 12:  Zaghawa, Zoghaua of Sudan  Afar people of Ethiopia  Argobba people of Ethiopia

Nov. 13:  Silti of Ethiopia   Somali people of Ethiopia   Algerian, Arabic-speaking of Egypt

Nov. 14:  Arab, Libyan of Egypt   Arab, Sudanese of Egypt   Arab, Yemeni of Egypt

Nov. 15:  Bedouin, Eastern Bedawi of Egypt   Gypsy, Domari of Egypt   Gypsy, Halebi of Egypt

Nov. 16:  Nubian, Arabized of Egypt   Nubian, Dongolawi of Egypt   Nubian, Fedicca-Mohas of Egypt

Nov. 17:  South Asian, generic of Democratic republic of Congo  Gujarati, Ugandan of Uganda Garreh of Kenya

Nov. 18: Gujarati Kenyans of Kenya    Mijikenda, Digo people of Kenya  Somali of Kenya

Nov.19:  Somali Ajuran people of Kenya   Afar people of Somalia   Arab, Yemeni of Somalia

November 20:  Digil-Rahawiin of Somalia   Garre of Somalia   Somali of Somalia

November 21: Afar of Eritrea   Arab, Yemeni of Eritrea   Beja, Hedareb of Eritrea

Nov. 22:  Tigre of Eritrea   Arab ofTanzania   Datooga, Barabaig of Tanzania

Nov. 23:  Digo of Tanzania   Gujarati of Tanzania  Iramba, Nyilamba of Tanzania

Nov. 24:  Ndengereko of Tanzania   Ngindo of Tanzania   Rufiji, Ruihi of Tanzania

Nov. 25: Shirazi of Tanzania   Suba-Simbiti of Tanzania   Swahili of Tanzania   Zaramo, Zalamo of Tanzania

Nov. 26:  Mwani of Mozambique  Hindi of South Africa  Han Chinese, Mandarin of Zimbabwe   Marathi of Zimbabwe

Nov. 27: Malay, Cape of South Africa  Urdu of South Africa  Swahili people of Rwanda

Nov. 28: Gujarati of Zambia   Han Chinese, Mandarin of Zambia   Swahili of Zambia

Nov. 29:  Hausa of Equitorial Guinnea  Chinese, generic of Angola  Masi, Mashi of Angola  Hausa of Congo

November 30:   Arab of Gabon  Bandoumu, Minduumo of Gabon   Fulani of Gabon   Hausa of Gabon

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