December – Peoples of Northwest/West Africa

December – Focus our prayers on the people of Northwestern Africa- West Africa (Nigeria, Chad, Niger, Tunisia, Mauritania,Libya, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Algeria, Morocco, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Mali).

To help in our prayers I have provided a link to all the unreached peoples of these nations under a certain size with one click. I have also added a certain number of larger people groups each day so you can see them (where a picture is available) and learn about them as you pray. You can choose which way you would prefer to approach praying for these peoples. God bless you as you pray for unreached peoples in these countries.

Nigerian unreached people groups under 100,000 people   Unreached peoples of Mauritania under 100,000
Unreached peoples of Chad under 100,000 people   Unreached peoples of Libya under 100,000
Unreached peoples of Niger under 100,000 people   UP’s of Central African Republic under 100,000
UP’s of Tunisia under 100,000   UP’s of Cameroon under 100,000    UP’s of Algeria under 100,000
UP’s of Morocco under 100,000 people   UP’s of Gambia under 100,000   UP’s of Guinea under 100,000
Unreached peoples of Guinea-Bissau under 100,000 people   UP’s of Liberia under 100,000
Unreached peoples of Cote D’Ivoire under 100,000 people   UP’s of Ghana under 100,000 people
Unreached peoples of Burkina Faso under 100,000 people   Unreached peoples of Togo under 100,000 people
Benin’s unreached peoples under 100,000 people   UP’s of Mali under 100,000 people

December 1: Arab, Shuwa, Baggara of Nigeria  Bade of Nigeria  Bana, Baza of Nigeria
Bolewa, Bole of Nigeria  Bura, Pabir of Nigeria  Dukawa of Nigeria

December 2: Fulani, Adamawa of Nigeria   Fulani, Haabe of Nigeria  Fulani, Sokoto of Nigeria
Fulani, Toroobe of Nigeria  Fulbe-Mbororo of Nigeria  Gamai people of Nigeria

Dec. 3: Gera, Gerawa people of Nigeria  Hausa of Nigeria  Hausa, North of Nigeria
Kanuri, Manga of Nigeria  Kanuri, Yerwa, Beriberi of Nigeria  Karekare, Jalalum of Nigeria

Dec. 4:  Maguzawa of Nigeria  Ngizim, Ngizmawa of Nigeria  Songhai-Koyraboro of Nigeria
Warji, Warjawa people of Nigeria   Zerma, Dyerma people of Nigeria  Moor people of Mauritania

Dec. 5:  Tukulor, Pulaar people of Mauritania  Arab, Shuwa, Baggara people of Chad  Bilala of Chad
Fulani, Adamawa people of Chad  Hausa of Chad   Kanembu people of Chad

Dec. 6: Kanuri, Yerwa, Beriberi people of Chad   Maba, Mabangi of Chad  Masalit of Chad
Tama of Chad  Tama, Erenga people of Chad   Tubu, Daza people of Chad

Dec. 7:  Achdam, Arabized Blacks of Libya  Algerian, Arabic-speaking of Libya   Arab, Libyan of Libya
Arab, Cyrenaican of Libya  Arab, Sudanese of Libya   Arab, Tunisian of Libya

Dec. 8:  Bedouin, Fezzan of Libya  Bedouin, Sanusi  of Libya  Jabal Nafusah of Libya
Algerian, Arabic-speaking of Niger  Fulani, Sokoto of Niger   Fulani, Western of Niger

Dec. 9: Hausa, Adarawa of Niger  Hausa, Mauri of Niger   Kanuri, Manga of Niger
Kanuri, Yerwa of Niger  Songhai-Koyraboro of Niger   Tuareg, Air of Niger

December 10: Tuareg, Arabized of Niger  Tuareg, Asben of Niger  Tuareg, Tamajaq of Niger
Zerma, Dyerma of Niger  Arab, Shuwa of Central African Republic
Fulani, Bagirmi of Central African Republic

December 11: Algerian, Arabic-speaking of Tunisia   Arab, Tunisian of Tunisia   Jerba of Tunisia
Arab, Shuwa, Baggara people of Cameroon  Fulani, Adamawa of Cameroon

Dec. 12: Fulbe-Mbororo people of Cameroon  Giziga, South of Cameroon  Hausa of Cameroon
Kanuri, Yerwa, Beriberi of Cameroon  Algerian, Arabic-speaking people of Algeria

Dec. 13: Arab, Moroccan of Algeria  Bedouin, Chaamba of Algeria  Bedouin, Sidi of Algeria
Bedouin, Tajakant of Algeria  Bedouin, Ziban of Algeria

Dec. 14: Berber, Imazighen of Algeria  Berber, Kabyle of Algeria   Berber, Mozabite of Algeria
Berber, Northern Shilha of Algeria  Berber, Taznatit of Algeria

Dec. 15: Saharawi of Algeria  Shawiya of Algeria  Shilha, Southern of Algeria  Tuareg, Algerian of Algeria
Algerian, Arabic-speaking of Morocco

Dec. 16: Arab, Moroccan of Morocco   Bedouin, Yahia of Morocco  Berber, Atta of Morocco
Berber, Drawa of Morocco  Berber, Filala of Morocco

Dec. 17: Berber, Imazighen of Morocco  Berber, Rifi of Morocco   Berber, Tekna of Morocco
Berber, Warain of Morocco  Jebala of Morocco

Dec. 18: Moor of Morocco   Saharawi of Morocco   Shilha, Southern of Morocco
Fulakunda, Fulani of Gambia   Mandinka, Sose of Gambia

Dec. 19:  Soninke, Sarakole of Gambia   Wolof of Gambia    Fula Jalon of Guinea  Maninka of Guinea
Maninka, Konyanka of Guinea

December 20: Mano, Mah of Guinea  Susu of Guinea   Fulakunda, Peul people of Guinea-Bissau
Mandingo, Mandinka of Guinea-Bissau  Gola people of Liberia

December 21: Mano, Mah of Liberia   Vai, Vy of Liberia   Bambara, Bamanakan people of Cote d’Ivoire
Bondoukou Kulango of Cote d’Ivoire  Fulani of Cote d’Ivoire

Dec. 22: Hausa of Cote d’Ivoire  Jula, Dyula of Cote d’Ivoire   Jula, Odienne of Cote d’Ivoire
Kulango, Bouna of Cote d’Ivoire  Lobi, Lobiri people of Cote d’Ivoire

Dec. 23: Malinke, Ivorian of Cote d’Ivoire  Malinke, Mau of Cote d’Ivoire   Senoufo, Dyimini of Cote d’Ivoire     Senoufo, Shempire of Cote d’Ivoire  Soninke, Sarakole of Cote d’Ivoire

Dec. 24: Bimoba, Moba of Ghana  Dagomba people of Ghana   Gonja, Ngbanyito of Ghana
Hausa people of Ghana  Mamprusi, Manpelle of Ghana

Dec. 25: Mandinka of Ghana  Wala, Waali of Ghana  Bobo Madare people of Burkina Faso
Fulani, Gurmanche of Burkina Faso  Fulani, Jelgooji of Burkina Faso

Dec. 26: Jula, Dyula of Burkina Faso   Lobi, Lobiri of Burkina Faso   Maninka, Malinke of Burkina Faso
Songhai-Humburi Senni of Burkina Faso  Lama, Lamba of Togo

Dec. 27: Fulfulde, Fulani of Benin   Gbe, Toli people of Benin   Arab, Saharan people of Mali
Bambara of Mali   Bedouin, Berabish of Mali

Dec. 28: Bozo-Hain of Mali   Bozo-Sorogama of Mali   Bozo-Tie of Mali   Fulani, Maasina of Mali
Ganadougou, Gana of Mali

Dec. 29: Idaksahak of Mali   Khasonke of Mali   Maninka of Mali   Maninka, Kita of Mali   Moor of Mali

December 30: Samogho, Duungoma of Mali   Senoufo, Mamara, Bamana of Mali   Senoufo, Supyire of Mali    Senoufo, Syenara of Mali   Songhai-Koyra Chini of Mali

December 31:Songhai-Koyraboro of Mali   Soninke of Mali   Tuareg, Tamajaq of Mali
Tuareg, Tamasheq of Mali   Tukulor, Pulaar people of Mali

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