May – Pray for unreached peoples of China, Mongolia, and India

May – We continue to focus our prayers on the remaining unreached peoples of China, the unreached peoples of Mongolia who number over over 1000, and 70 more peoples in India over 100,000 in number.

God bless you as you pray for the unreached peoples of these two countries.

For those interested in praying for the rest of the people groups, I have provided a link to the smaller unreached peoples of these two very large nations, (together almost 2.5 Billion people- over a 3rd of the whole world!) under a certain size with one click, and to those less than 1000 in number in Mongolia.

India will take 6 months of prayer total to pray for all the unreached people groups over 100,000 in number.

The rest of the Unreached peoples of China (under 100,000 in number)

The rest of the unreached peoples of India (under 100,000 in number) page 3 of 4 

Unreached peoples of Mongolia under 1000 in number

May 1: Suodi people of China   Tai Lue of China     Tai Mao of China    Tai Nua, Chinese Shan of China

May 2: Tai Pong of China   Tibetan, Central of China   Tibetan, Gtsang of China   Tibetan, Jone of China

May 3:  Tu of China   Tujia of China    Uyghur of China   Xibe of China

May 4:  Zaiwa, Atsi of China   Zhuang, Central Hong of China   Zhuang, Dai of China
Zhuang, Eastern Hong of China

May 5:  Zhuang, Guibei of China  Zhuang, Guibian of China   Zhuang, Liujiang of China
Zhuang, Liuqian of China

May 6: Zhuang, Nong people of China   Zhuang, Qiubei of China   Zhuang, Yang of China
Zhuang, Yongbei of China

May 7:  Zhuang, Yongnan of China   Zhuang, Youjiang of China
Zhuang, Zuojiang of China   Bayad people of Mongolia

May 8:  Buriat, Mongolia of Mongolia  Dariganga of Mongolia   Darkhad of Mongolia
Dungan, Khoton of Mongolia

May 9:  Durbet, Dorwoten of Mongolia     Dzakhchin, Zahchin of Mongolia
Ewenki, Tungus of Mongolia   Han Chinese, Mandarin of Mongolia

May 10: Kalmyk-Oirat, Western of Mongolia    Kazakh, Qazaq of Mongolia
Mongol, Khalka of Mongolia   Mongolian, Northern of Mongolia

May 11: Tuvinian, Uriankhai of Mongolia   Uriankhai, Altai of Mongolia   Uuld of Mongolia
Uzbek, Northern of Mongolia

May 12:  Brahman, Mewada of India  Brahman, Modh of India   Brahman, Nagar of India
Brahman, Nambudiri of India

May 13:  Brahman, Palliwal of India   Brahman, Pancha Dravida of India    Brahman, Parikh of India
Brahman, Purohit of India

May 14:  Brahman, Radhi of India    Brahman, Sakaldwipi of India    Brahman, Sanadhya of India
Brahman, Saraswat of India

May 15:  Brahman, Sawaria of India   Brahman, Sikh of India   Brahman, Srigaud of India
Brahman, Tamil of India

May 16:  Brahman, Telaganya of India  Brahman, Telugu of India   Brahman, Utkal of India
Brahman, Vaidik of India

May 17: Brahman, Varendra of India  Brahman, Velanadu of India  Brahman, Vyas of India
Buna, Hindu of India

May 18: Chadar of India    Chain of India   Chalvadi of India   Chamar of India

May 19: Chamar, Sikh of India   Charan, Hindu of India   Chaudhari, Hindu of India
Cheruman, Hindu of India

May 20:  Chhetri of India  Chhimba, Hindu of India   Chhimba, Sikh of India   Chhipa, Hindu of India

May 21: Chhipa, Sikh of India   Chik, Hindu of India    Dabgar, Hindu people of India
Dagi, Hindu of India

May 22:  Dangi of India   Daroga, Hindu of India  Darzi, Hindu  people of India  Darzi, Muslim of India

May 23: Deshwali, Hindu people of India   Devadiga of India   Dewar of India

May 24:  Dhakad of India     Dhangar of India   Dhanuk of India

May 25:   Dhanwar of India    Dharkar of India   Dhimar of India

May 26:   Dhobi, Hindu of India     Dhobi, Muslim of India     Dhodia of India

May 27:   Dholi, Hindu of India   Dhor of India   Dom, Hindu of India

May 28:   Dom, Muslim of India   Dosadh, Hindu of India   Dubla of India

May 29:   Dulia of India     Gadaria, Hindu of India       Gaddi of India

May 30:   Ganda of India     Gangakula of India        Garasia of India

May 31: Garoda, Hindu of India    Gauda of India

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