June – Pray for unreached peoples in India, Bangladesh, and Bhutan

June – We focus our daily prayers on the unreached peoples of Bangladesh over 100,000, the unreached peoples of Bhutan over 1000 in number, and 140 more peoples in India over 100,000 in number.  During June and July we will be praying for many people groups in India; there are 582 groups total of unreached peoples in India over 100,000 in number.  This country and its peoples deperately needs our prayers and the living God to reveal Himself there; please pray for the peoples of India.

I have added a certain number of people groups each day so you can see them (where a picture is available) and learn about them as you pray.

You can also pray for the smaller people groups listed just below.

God bless you as you pray for the unreached peoples of these three countries.

The rest of the unreached peoples of India (under 100,000 in number) page 4 of 4

The rest of the unreached peoples of Bangladesh (under 100,000 in number)

The rest of the unreached peoples of Bhutan (under 1000 in number)

June 1:  Ansari people of Bangladesh   Baidya, Hindu of Bangladesh    Bairagi, Hindu of Bangladesh
Bhuinmali of Bangladesh

June 2:  Bihari Muslim people of Bangladesh     Brahman of Bangladesh     Burmese of Bangladesh
Dhobi, Hindu of Bangladesh

June 3:   Hajam people of Bangladesh   Jhalo Malo of Bangladesh     Jogi, Hindu of Bangladesh
Kaibartta of Bangladesh

June 4:  Kapali people of Bangladesh   Kayastha of Bangladesh     Kumhar of Bangladesh
Lohar of Bangladesh

June 5: Mahishya people of Bangladesh   Mali of Bangladesh     Mochi, Hindu of Bangladesh
Namasudra, Hindu of Bangladesh   Pashtun, Northern of Bangladesh

June 6: Patni, Hindu people of Bangladesh   Rajbansi of Bangladesh
Rajbansi Koch of Bangladesh    Sayyid of Bangladesh   Shaikh people of Bangladesh

June 7: Sunri, Hindu people of Bangladesh   Sutradhar, Hindu of Bangladesh
Tamboli, Hindu of Bangladesh    Teli of Bangladesh   Yadav of Bangladesh

June 8:  Adi of Bhutan   Assamese of Bhutan  Bumthangpa of Bhutan   Chali of Bhutan

June 9:  Dakpa of Bhutan   Dakpakha of Bhutan   Dzala of Bhutan   Gongduk of Bhutan

June 10: Gurung of Bhutan   Indian, generic of Bhutan  Khampa, Eastern of Bhutan   Kheng of Bhutan

June 11: Kurteop of Bhutan   Lakha of Bhutan  Layakha of Bhutan   Lepcha of Bhutan

June 12:  Lhop, Doya of Bhutan   Matpa of Bhutan   Monpa, Limbu of Bhutan   Nupbi of Bhutan

June 13: Nyenpa of Bhutan   Sherpa of Bhutan  Tibetan of Bhutan   Tseku of Bhutan

June 14:  Ghanchi, Hindu of India   Ghanchi, Muslim of India    Ghasi, Hindu of India
Ghirath, Hindu of India   Ghosi, Hindu of India  Ghosi, Muslim of India   Gokha, Hindu of India
Golla of India  Gond of India   Gondaru of India

June 15:  Gonrhi of India   Goriya, Hindu of India   Gosain, Hindu of India  Gowari of India
Gujar of India  Gujar, Muslim of India   Gujjar of India    Guria of India  Gurung of India
Hadi of India

June 16:  Hajam of India    Halba of India   Halwai, Hindu of India    Halwai, Muslim of India
Halwakki Wakkal of India     Hatkar of India     Hijda of India    Hill Pulayan of India

June 17: Ho of India  Holar of India   Holer of India   Ilavan of India   Irular of India
Jat, Ahlawat, Hindu of India     Jat, Barh, Hindu of India    Jat, Chahil, Hindu of India

June 18: Jat, Dagar, Hindu of India   Jat, Dalal, Hindu of India   Jat, Dehia, Hindu of India
Jat, Dhariwal, Hindu of India  Jat, Dhillon, Hindu of India       Jat, Dhillon, Sikh of India
Jat, Gahlot, Hindu of India     Jat, Ghatwal, Hindu of India

June 19: Jat, Gil, Hindu of India   Jat, Gil, Sikh of India   Jat, Hela, Hindu of India  Jat, Hindu of India
Jat, Jakhar, Hindu of India   Jat, Mann of India   Jat, Mann, Hindu of India  Jat, Muslim of India

June 20:  Jat, Pachhade, Hindu of India  Jat, Pawania of India   Jat, Rathi, Hindu of India
Jat, Sahrawat, Hindu of India   Jat, Sangwan, Hindu of India   Jat, Sarai, Sikh of India
Jat, Sidhu, Hindu of India  Jat, Sidhu, Sikh of India

June 21: Jat, Sikh of India   Jat, Sindhu of India   Jat, Sindhu, Sikh of India  Jat, Thakurela, Hindu of India   Jatapu of India   Jaunsari of India    Jhalo Malo of India  Jhinwar, Hindu of India

June 22:  Jhinwar, Sikh of India   Jhojha, Hindu of India    Jogi, Hindu of India     Julaha of India
Kachari, Sonwal of India   Kachhi, Hindu of India    Kachhia, Hindu of India  Kadar of India

June 23: Kadia, Hindu of India   Kadu Kuruba of India   Kahar of India  Kaibartta of India
Kaikadi of India     Kaikolan of India      Kalal, Hindu of India      Kalbelia of India

June 24: Kalingi of India  Kallan of India   Kalu of India  Kalwar, Hindu of India    Kamathi of India
Kamboh, Hindu of India        Kamboh, Sikh of India      Kami of India

June 25:  Kammara of India  Kanakkan of India      Kandra of India     Kandu of India
Kanjar, Hindu of India       Kaora of India      Kapali of India        Kapu of India

June 26:  Karan of India    Karmali of India    Kasar of India    Kashmiri Muslim of India  Kathodi of India
Katia of India           Kawar of India         Kayastha of India

June 27:  Khadala of India    Khairwar of India     Khalpa of India    Khambu of India    Khandait of India
Khangar, Hindu of India       Kharva, Hindu of India        Kharwar of India

June 28:  Khati, Hindu of India  Khatik, Hindu of India   Khatri, Hindu of India  Khatri, Sikh of India
Khatwa of India      Khavar of India      Khetauri of India      Khoja of India

June 29:  Kirar of India    Kodava of India     Koiri of India    Koli of India   Kol of India   Kolha of India
Koli Dhor of India      Koli Mahadev of India

June 30:  Koli Malhar of India     Kolowar of India   Kolta of India     Konai of India
Konda Dhora of India       Konda Reddi of India    Korama of India      Kori of India

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