Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.  This course explores God’s heart for the world.  It takes a look at His mission to the world from four directions: the Bible, history, culture, and strategy considerations.  Normally it is taken over 15 weeks.  15 speakers will address the class to look at these four areas.  It is powerful, rich, and life changing.

If you care about unreached peoples, you MUST take this course.

If it is not offered near you, you can take it online. If it isn’t offered near you, after you take it become a coordinator so it can be., the website

Global Purpose DVD– Perspectives in 20 minutes.   “A DVD with dynamic special effects combined with biblical, historical, strategic and cultural perspectives to give an overview of God’s movement throughout history and showing how we can join Him in His global purpose. This can be used as an effective teaching resource for church Bible studies or small group fellowships as well as promoting the main concepts of Perspectives.” from the Perspectives store site for this “Global Purpose” DVD.

A short introduction to  Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

History of the Perspectives class