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I’ve taken quite a few mission trips.  If you have taken many, or your first is upcoming, I want to encourage you and your team to use MissionMakr to help foster a great telling of the story of your trip.

In using MissionMakr recently on a trip to Mexico, I saved an incredible amount of time in uploading pictures, in communicating about daily experiences, and generally in keeping those interested in what I was doing in the loop of what was happening.

MissionMakr divides your trip into four segments that will help team members going on the trip to prepare, raise funds, tell their story, invite followers, store pictures and videos, and much more.  In the LAUNCH phase there is also an easy tool to invite followers of the trip by email. The GEARUP phase is for team members as they prepare and get ready to go.  Once you are in the GO phase the trip is live and you are in the field and serving the Lord away from home. Then when you return, an important part of returning is TELLing to others what happened. MissionMakr makes it easy to do that as you put the pictures and videos and stories in one place for people to access.  ALL of this is done on one site: MissionMakr.

All of this happens through MissionMakr at one site.  Not at an email plus unsecured Facebook.  And those interested in following the trip use their time to check in and see what is happening. They receive an email alert when new information is posted.  And you can post news if you are in a bind, or if it is your preference, simply from a Smartphone.

How you arrange and post and tell your information is very customizable.  I encourage you to check them out.

And one more thing: you can keep the trip private if you have security concerns and don’t want anyone just to be able to look in. Or you can make it more public so many can see what God did.

I highly recommend using MissionMakr to help with a great mission trip.