Below is the link to the blog of an organization I partner alongside: Operation FLOW (formerly FLOW International).  We mutually help each other with goals and vision and work. May God be glorified.

Operation FLOW is focused on Mexico ministry, strengthening the church, sharing the gospel, discipling believers.  One of their focal areas is in Sinaloa state.  They are also reaching out to “the Circle Of Silence” in central Mexico where there are many counties with very few Christians.  Here is the Buenas Nuevas page in Spanish (you can ask it to translate if you don’t read Spanish), and it begins with information right away about the “circle of silence.”

Operation FLOW

If you want to read their blog posts you can go here: Operation FLOW at blogspot

Here is the link for giving to OperationFLOW at Pure Charity: Give to Operation FLOW at Pure Charity