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In this world there is a great need. An eternal need for people and peoples to meet and come to know Jesus the Messiah. Jesus the Savior of the world. Jesus who has died for this world’s sins and risen again.

If the need is that the 6700 unreached peoples of the world are lost without the gospel, and the answer is getting the gospel to them, then who will do this?

Church planters from within and without each of these unreached peoples who will go live amongst them in once capacity or another are the answer.  It takes people to make disciples.

Where do we come in?  Here are some ways we will seek to work in this process:

  • Mobilizing and coaching churches so that they will help send people and resources to support work among unreached peoples, or that some from them will become church planters.
  • Taking teams of people who will see what God would have them offer in help, expertise, and other resources to those doing  the hard work of church planting.
  • Training and helping church planters, national churches and leaders, and others near or among unreached people groups so they can do their work well.
  • Recruiting new missionaries who will brave the difficult challenge of living in Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and other unbelieving peoples for the sake of Jesus and His gospel.

So is part of our community working together so far? Flow International, People International. Real Hope Ministries, Silk Road Catalyst, Tru-Colour Bandages, Go Mission Trip, and.. many people and some churches by financial support and/or by committment to prayer. Churches in the US and Mexico.  People in the US and Mexico, Sweden, Mongolia, and other locations.  May the Lord do a great work.


Operation FLOW: their focus is Mexico and its peoples.

I’m also an Associate Partner with People International; their focus is central Asian peoples. peopleinterna

I also partner with Real Hope Ministries; their focus is in south India.


I also work with two businesses in Business in Mission work:

tru colour logo Tru-Colour Bandages  and  Go Mission Trip    logo gmt

These organizations are part of my team.  And I’m part of theirs.

Together may God glorify His name.


If you would like to join this team to help reach unreached peoples in Asia and elsewhere, choose the appropriate tab below.

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