Who are you as a church and what is the DNA of your mission?

It is good to step back and look at your approach to mission and whether what you are doing reflects the global mission of God; whether your DNA of mission can be more in line with His.  This is looking beyond the DNA of who you are to the DNA that’s informing how you are doing mission.

Global mission DNA in a new or existing church:

creating global mission practices from the DNA of God’s global mission.

DNA is organic information that creates the proteins of life in an organism.

God’s global mission as represented in Matthew 28:18-20, Gen 12:3, Rev 5:9 should be part of the DNA of every church. Good DNA then can lead to living out good practices as seen below: these are the proteins of living created by DNA of God’s global mission.

What this can look like in practice: good DNA of Biblical worldview and God’s global mission (tools to promote this could include Scripture (most important one we have), DVD called “Global purpose” and study guide, “Radical” by David Platt. These could help lead to a mission mindset that is global in scope; that’s good DNA into good proteins, or God’s truth on a global scale put into good missional practices locally.

Part of good DNA would lead us to work together. Unity is important in the body of Christ (see John 17). So partnerships can be very valuable for accomplishing God’s global mission.  Here is a list of resources that might help you in partnerships.

So the practices that need to come out of good DNA include the following at least.  But these will need to be tailored to who you are as a congregation and individuals.


Sending : serving as senders of missionaries; there’s a lot to this.

Going: short and long term; Business As Mission (BAM); micro-enterprise; etc.

Welcoming: Reaching out intentionally to internationals amongst us

Praying: Praying for the peoples of the world, praying for God’s work around the world

Mobilizing: Encouraging and helping others to find their niche

Learning: Resources to draw upon like Perspectives on the World Christian movement class (local or online); “The Church unleashed” booklet from Perspectives.org; “Serving as Senders” by Pirolo, “Radical” by Platt, DVD “Global Purpose” and study guide, 6 ways videos from OMF ; “Loving the Church, Blessing the Nations” by Miley (how to we identify and release missionaries?); websites like JoshuaProject.net.