As a church, you may have seen an idea or place or people with which to connect with me.

Next steps:

1. Let me know which focus you are drawn to:

A.  Prayer resources, Missions resources (I can get or point you to many)

B.  Ministry in Locations or among certain peoples – Mexico, India, central Asia, Other

C.  Vision trip: small group, youth trip, individual seeking God, church focus. Also, keep up with upcoming trips I will be taking. Unless it is a specialized trip for me that is only for me, I can take you along to see and experience life and ministry life where I am going, and to see how God is leading you in that area or to that unreached people.

D. Mission ministry involvement: want to work where I go, or have another location in mind? God willing and opening doors, I can facilitate or help or take you to the location so that you can minister with contacts that I have as THEY express and are interested in your help.  This last point is important as I believe we must go with a heart to serve alongside our brothers in Christ, and allow them to lead us in that work.

E. More information about partner organizations: FLOW International (Mexico), Real Hope Ministries (southern India), People International (central Asia Mslim peoples).

F. More information regarding Business in Mission connections: Tru-Colour Bandages, Go MissionTrip

G. Consider other areas you might connect with me as you look at my ministry description as an unreached peoples advocate on this site

2. Need training? Contact me about:

A.  Missions strategy development as a church body

B.  Small group training for ministry among Mslims, Hindus, Tribal peoples, etc?

C.  Sermons to encourage and challenge your church toward world ministry, among unreached peoples, etc.

3. Want to support me in prayer or financially?

A. Contact me at

B. Look under the Home tab or the Unreached Peoples Advocate tab on this site about giving

C. Sign up for my newsletter on this site under the Home tab/Newsletter