Asia is the most populated continent on earth, and has the two most populated countries on earth as well, China and India.  About 75% of all unreached peoples are in Asia. Notice that the middle east is technically a part of Asia, as is Russia, and most of Turkey.

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Read this blog post by David Joannes to think about Asia’s needs (the map he uses does not even cover ALL of Asia, only a part).  Look at this map…

With so many people and so many unreached people groups, how should we go about seeing that they all have access to the good news of Jesus?  By using the approach Jesus gave us: make disciples. And just as some people will work with a family, others will work to help those discipling in a village, others a city. And others a region.  It’s simply taking Paul’s advice to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2 and applying it at further and further removed levels of relationship.  If I work with someone who is working with leaders in 20 people groups, and those leaders are helping 10 family group leaders each, and those family group leaders are discipling 10 to 12 people each, and those 10 to 12 are seeking to be faithful disciples of Jesus and to make disciples themselves, that is how multiplication and exponential growth can happen. We each need to be faithful to the people God is giving us to serve and love and lead.  But that is how 2.4 Billion people in Asia can find access eventually to the gospel.

Now all this depends on the basic church level leaders leading a transformational church. Where obedience and love for Jesus is lived, and where the gospel penetrates more than just a few moments of the week.

One area that has great need is central Asia. There are about 350 million or so people in two large blocs (the Turkic peoples and Persian-Median peoples) that don’t have much if any access at present to the gospel.  And this is what I am asking those who are partnering with me to have a vision for and to be asking God to do: the incredible task of turning these unreached peoples into reached peoples.  Oh, Lord, reach into the peoples of Asia and send workers to these peoples so as many as possible can be with us one day in eternity. Amen